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Duc Hai Hot-Sour Chili Salt


Duc Hai Hot and Sour Chili Salt


Origin : Vietnam


If you are looking for a quality and tasty chili salt, try Duc Hai hot and sour chili salt. This is one of the spicy and sour chili salt lines that have a moderate taste, suitable for dipping fruits and seafood and have a cheap price.


What dish is Duc Hai hot and sour chili salt used for?

Duc Hai hot and sour chili salt can be used to dip with fruit to add flavor.

Besides, this chili salt line is also suitable for seafood, just pour it out and dip it with shrimp, crab, oysters, and boiled snails.

In addition, we can also use it to spice up meat, seafood and baked goods.

Make condiments for hot pot, pho broth, cook noodles, eat with duck eggs.

In general, commercially available spices have been ground into small pieces and are convenient for direct use. Fragrance molecules will continue to escape into the air over time. The aroma area exposed to the air is large and will continue to oxidize. It’s becoming less and less obvious by the day, so grinding once can ensure the freshest flavors every time!

Adding salt is a great taste change. When eating a food, a food is repeated with the same taste for the same ingredient, which easily causes a feeling of taste loss. For example, a bowl of white rice will taste the same no matter how long you eat it, but try adding a little soy sauce or other seasonings to turn it into a different flavor, helping to eliminate the feeling of fatigue. and become a new taste.

The same goes for fruit, the bioosmosis process of watermelon after adding salt will change the cell structure of watermelon, we call the phenomenon “dehydration”. The sugar concentration becomes relatively higher, and the watermelon taste becomes more “sweet”. How to preserve Duc Hai hot and sour chili salt?

To keep it longer, put it in a small jar, then seal it tightly and store it in a cool, dry place, this will give the chili salt a shelf life guarantee. ––

Absolutely to stay away from your water. Address selling Duc Hai spicy chili salt



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