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Barona Complete Broth Crab-Pot


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Barona Complete Broth – Crab Hot Pot


Origin: Vietnam


– 80% REAL Crab & Bone Broth

– Safe, no added preservatives

– Prepare the restaurant, no need to taste

– Save costs, with just over 300K, you can have a hot pot for a family of 4-5 people!


Crab hotpot is a cool, extremely delicious, non-boring hot pot dish, suitable for all weather climates, especially during the summer time because field crabs have soldering properties that help cool down very well. Crab hotpot combines many different ingredients to create a very

unique and distinctive flavor. The perfect combination is the sweet and juicy hot pot, full of crispy cartilage ribs, tender beef, golden fried tofu and filled with attractive green vegetables and crab… all blended in a rich broth. Sweet, delicious, and extremely suitable for the whole family during the weekend.

In order to cook delicious crab hotpot, soft crab cakes, and clear hot pot broth, it requires a rather complicated and laborious preparation process. Instead of before you had to pound crabs, filter bricks and strain the juice, now there is Barona Complete Hot Pot Broth – Fresh and natural Crab Hot Pot with 80% real crab sauce and bone broth mixed with spices The characteristic that creates the flavor of the restaurant-standard crab hotpot dish without the need for any other seasoning.

Product strengths:

  1. Extracted from Rieu Dong Crab and Bone Broth to help the natural fresh taste.

Barona Complete Broth – Crab Hot Pot with 80% extract from copper crab and bone broth helps the hot pot taste to be rich, fresh and naturally delicious. In addition, you will feel the sweetness from the bone, the coolness from the real crab.

  1. Production and packaging process according to ISO international management process .

During the production process, the product does not add any preservatives to help protect the health and safety of consumers. In addition, each product package is packed in aluminum bags by automatic European standard filling machines. After that, the product is checked by X-ray machine to eliminate the products that do not meet the standards. The final step will be physico-chemical and microbiological testing to ensure safety before reaching consumers. Products are certified to international standards ISO 22000, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001. Committed to bringing users the most delicious and quality product line.

  1. Delicious, standard taste, no need to taste After a long time of research, Nam Phuong Food’s Barona brand has successfully launched a special recipe for a complete broth to help housewives cook delicious hot pot, prepare the restaurant without needing to taste more. any other seasoning.
  2. Easy and convenient Instead of having to prepare a lot of spices & ingredients to make a pot of hot pot broth for the family, now you only need to use only 1 complete package of Barona broth to be able to comfortably cook hot pot. Besides, it is a cost and time saving, and food safety and hygiene Barona Complete Broth – Rieu Cua Hotpot is proud to be a certified product of high quality Vietnamese goods voted by consumers.


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